Few will argue that summer is the favorite season for most kids. Most kids will spend their summer days playing outside with their friends, but super-hot summer days can come with summer pain: sunburn and dehydration. So what do you do on the days when it’s too hot to play outside?

Fortunately, there are plenty of activities kids can enjoy inside during scorching summer days. Here are a few ideas:

Work on a puzzle

indoor activities puzzlesA large puzzle can keep the attention of a child for hours on end. Finishing a big puzzle will give kids a sense of accomplishment and will also help to develop their problem-solving skills. Puzzles are a lot of fun for kids to work on with their friends since puzzles allow them to figure out how to coordinate together to find the pieces they need.

Play board games

indoor activities for kids board gamesThe right board game and keep kids entertained for hours in almost any situation, whether it’s too hot out or the power goes out. Board games can help kids learn about teamwork, strategy, counting, taking turns, and more!

Build things

Building SomethingThe chance to build things allows kids to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. There are plenty of options for building depending on the age of the child. Play-Doh is great for younger children, while kids who are slightly older may enjoy the more advanced skills required to build with Legos.

Get crafty

Getting CraftyArts and crafts are easy go-to activities that all children will enjoy, whether it’s finger painting, coloring, or drawing, to name a few options. You can encourage them by giving them ideas, such as drawing some of their favorite summer memories.

Read a book

Having summer-themed books on hand on hand can keep imaginations sunny even when it’s too hot to go outside. For older kids, consider giving them incentives to read during the hotter days of summer as well, such as by keeping a sticker chart to show how many books each child has read.

Write a story together

If your kids are a little too antsy to sit still and read or be read to, but you want to encourage a love for reading and storytelling, then try writing a story together. Work together to come up with a silly story and then have the kids draw pictures of what the story looks like to them.

Set up a scavenger hunt – For an indoor activity that’s a little more active, create a scavenger hunt. This can be as simple as writing down a list of items and then hiding those items all over, requiring kids to go find them. Little ones love a good challenge!

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