Senior (old) Senior

Connecting families and building trust no matter the distance.

The Features Your Center Needs.

Every senior care center is different. is designed to make your residents’ and families’ experiences at your center better. Check out a few of our core capabilities:

Engagement and Peace of Mind

Providing both real-time updates and end-of-day emails, boosts engagement and allows family members to be active participants in their loved one’s days.

More Time to Focus on Care

Fewer phone calls from concerned and curious family members. Fewer paper forms to fill out. More time for you and your staff to focus on providing exceptional care.

Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Tablet? Phone? Computer? Chromebook? No problem. You can access from any device with an internet connection.

Easy to Use and Secure.

With a few quick taps, you can capture pictures and videos of memorable moments, track meals, and reference key medical information and notes. is designed with HIPAA in mind so your data is secure and you stay in compliance.

Differentiator serves as a key selling point and differentiator, helping your facility stand out above the rest.

Better Informed Decisions

You can use the data that captures to make better-informed decisions and run a more efficient facility.

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