Despite the fun that children may have playing in wet or snowy weather, there will always be days where preschoolers have to stay indoors. Indeed, if the weather gets intense, you should be able to match that intensity with fun indoor activities. Here are a few rainy day activities for preschoolers that have proven to be winners.

It’s important to keep kids active, engaged, and excited despite the poor weather outside. So how can you do just that? There are many different indoor activities you can explore for your classroom. These activities will develop the children’s motor skills, imagination, and thinking/team building skills.

1. Obstacle courses

making-the-most-of-a-rainy-day-obstacle-courseWhat better way to get the kids active than designing an indoor obstacle course? There are many different options you can use to set up a simple, yet exciting obstacle course for your class. Include objects such as tunnels for kids to crawl through, and shapes on the floor that they can use to jump in and out of.

With the obstacle course, you can add a thinking-based activity to test what they have learned in class. For example, you can use a string and numbered toys to challenge the kids’ knowledge of numbers. Have them match various numbers from 0 to 10, or look for the missing number in an equation. You could also have children pair all numbers that add up to 10 and have them look for the missing pieces around the classroom.

2. Add some music!

make-the-most-of-a-rainy-day-musicAnother exciting way to get the kids active on a rainy day is to add music to your indoor activities. Musical games add excitement and are great for children of all ages. You can start off with simple activities such as freeze dance (where the children have to move until the music stops) and the sleeping song.

You can always spice up these games, such as encouraging the kids to freeze in unique ways.

3. Put their imagination to the test

make-the-most-of-a-rainy-day-creativeAdding some arts and crafts into the activities for a rainy day is a must. It will encourage the kids to explore their imagination and creativity. Ideas for interesting arts include collages, coloring books, crayons, and modeling clay. Have older kids lead their own projects by giving them the freedom to create what’s on their mind. You can guide the younger ones in getting started.

If using collages, simply place a variety of different items before each child (such as crayons, buttons, bottle caps, etc.), and have them work in groups or individually to create what they desire.

4. Indoor scavenger hunts

make-the-most-of-a-rainy-day-obsticle-courseScavenger hunts can be combined in exciting ways with obstacle courses. While the obstacle course will have children crawling, jumping, and navigating around various objects, the scavenger hunt will serve as the goal of the obstacle course.

You can have the kids match colors, patterns, or numbers as they look for the ultimate prize. Treasure hunts are also exciting ways to get the kids moving, and you can use clues to spark the kids’ imaginations as they look for a coveted prize.

5. Thinking and building

make-the-most-of-a-rainy-day-buildThere are lots of building games that encourage kids to think as they construct puzzles, towers, and other similar objects. Use building blocks, age-appropriate Legos, and even items such as bottles and magnets to encourage cognitive thinking in children. These activities are fun and can be an excellent option for learning teamwork.

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