What Can Message Center Do For You?

Send Multiple Messages at Once
Teachers and staff can send one message to multiple family members with individual responses.

Stay Focused. Stay Organized.
Keeping all your conversations in one place helps you stay focused on caring for your children in your center.

Ease the Stress
When a child is tagged in the message center, the message is sent to the child’s family members associated with MomentPath. So if you forget Grandma Suzy’s name, don’t worry, we got you.

Families Can Message, Too.
Parents and family can also reach out to staff with any questions or concerns. Message center helps keep your family members assured that their voice is heard.

No Cost Feature

This feature is available at no added cost to existing customers but will be turned on by-request only. Contact support@momentpath.com to discuss adding this feature to your MomentPath site!

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