Making Attendance Smarter

Need to collect information from family members at drop-off and pick-up? Family members can fill out notes in the app before arriving at your center.

How Can Informed Arrival Benefit You?

MomentPath can customize what information is collected when using the informed arrival feature.

Available anywhere
Parents can use informed arrival any time before their child is officially checked into the center. They can add notes from bed or from the car before walking in.

See who is coming
Once a parent uses informed arrival, it lets teachers know that the child is coming that day. From a staff standpoint, their check-in button changes from green to yellow to communicate this message.

Keep track of information
Parents don’t have to rely on communicating information about their child in hopes that their staff member has enough head space to remember it. Instead of passing comments at the check-in counter, you can add a digital note tied to the child’s account.

No Cost Feature

This feature is available at no added cost to existing customers but will be turned on by-request only. Contact to discuss adding this feature to your MomentPath site!

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