At MomentPath, we thrive on helping directors with their teacher engagement and overall productivity. Our latest ebook shares research collected from global studies focused on staff retention, productivity, and engagement.

What is employee recognition? And why should you care?

For a long time, employee recognition was restricted to year-end trophies and teacher-of-the-month shoutouts for the select few. But perhaps the biggest myth about employee recognition is that it has to come in the form of a pay raise. The truth is, employee recognition can be as simple as asking your employee a genuine question about their life, or saying “thanks” for a job well done.

58% of employees said their bosses could get more engagement from them simply by offering more encouragement.

The research in this ebook shows real data from real leaders that have seen:

  • an increase in productivity;
  • lower staff turnover;
  • and happier parents

—all as a result of focusing on employee engagement.

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