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Daycare directors and administrators have a lot on their plate. The process can be exhausting and at times overwhelming. Managing a child care center or preschool requires a focus on many aspects of the business. Parents want to be kept informed, finding and retaining good teachers is a challenge, documenting all of the licensing and accreditation requirements is a hassle, and managing the day-to-day tasks can feel like you are plugging holes in a dam with your fingers. Through all of this, the most important part of the business is creating a safe and nurturing environment for the children. Child care centers and preschools just need a child care management app that works. Some daycare management software solutions only offer part of what admins and directors need. Best case scenario is that they handle a certain aspect of the business but still require a manual transfer of information from one system to another for documentation or to run reports. In a worst case scenario the software just stops working, isn't being updated, or is no longer being supported. You can't run a successful business if you have multiple areas of uncertainty. Most child care centers have several places where the entire business would be in jeopardy if something happened to their data. In some cases vital information is kept in a binder or a checklist on a bulletin board. MomentPath information is safe and secure and is the best complete daycare management software solution in the market today.

When you need child care management software that you can rely on, you need MomentPath.

Check in/out, attendance, enrollment, lesson planning, scheduling, meal tracking, billing/payments, subsidy tracking, videos & photos, immunization records, and more. No seat licenses. No modules or add-ons, or hidden fees. It's all included with MomentPath.

The Complete Solution

No other product provides the complete family engagement, education management, scheduling, and payment platform your center deserves.

Works Everywhere on Everything

MomentPath is in the cloud. There is no software to install. It works on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Super Easy Implementation

Hassle-free, human-assisted training, setup, and support (delivered with love). Also, there's a complete set of self-serve tools if that's more your style.

Delivering Family Delight

Parents love MomentPath. Thousands of happy families receive updates every day. MomentPath is commonly cited as a reason families stay with providers.

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