Lightning Fast!
Families can pay via ACH or credit card setup to automatically pay when due so they don't even need to think about it. They aren't stressed about remember checks or cash and you see those transactions in real-time.
Easy Reconciliation
No matter the complexity of your state subsidies, available discounts, or sliding fee schedules, we make understanding outstanding payments easy - no matter the source.
Plans are versatile
Plans are the regularly recurring fees for your services and can be based on days attended, level of care, hours of service, age, or any other factors.
Fiscal reports are lifesavers
Parents can easily run reports to show payments made throughout the year to meet their tax needs. It is all right there - they don't even need to ask you!
Mulitple Payers?
Sliding fee schedules? Discounts? Grants? No problem. With our flexible billing solution, you have control in setting up and monitoring the ways people pay.
Quickly Pause Invoices
Need to stop invoices for a day or week? Pausing a group or single family invoices is a one click task. You can be confident that families aren't charged if they don't need to be.
Automated Reminders
Forget having to send individual emails or paper reminders about outstanding payments. With, the system handles those reminders for you via email, text, or in-app push notification.
Auto Enrollment
Automatically enroll children in billing plans based on their classroom. Enter the child, select the classroom, and the billing details are immediately associated with that child.

Simple, straightforward pricing for payment processing

2.9% + 30¢

for credit cards


for ACH transactions

Other nominal fees apply for infrequent situations like returned payments or chargebacks.

It's so easy to setup!

Seriously, it's easy. Enter your bank info, create your plans, enroll kids, and VOILA!
You are done. We know that sometimes, setup can be, well, overwhelming. Our goal is to make it a breeze.

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