As a new parent (or a parent-to-be), odds are you’re stocking up on all the unnecessary baby products that you think you’ll need. You want to be prepared for any situation and have everything that your baby needs, from baby blankets to baby diapers and much more. However, there are many baby items out there that you probably don’t need.

The following are eight of the popular baby products that parents often waste money on that aren’t all that necessary for taking care of your baby:

1) Baby shoes

Baby shoesYou’re buying all kinds of baby clothing, so why not buy some baby shoes as well? Baby shoes are incredibly cute and they’ll look incredibly cute on your baby, after all. However, looking cute is the only purpose that baby shoes will serve. Shoes are for walking, and babies won’t begin to walk until they are nine to 12 months old. Once they reach that age, you may want to begin thinking about picking up some soft-soled baby shoes, but you should wait until then, since you’ll know the size of your baby’s feet.

2) Bottle warmer

bottle warmerA bottle warmer may seem like a useful device since you may want to feed your baby warm milk or formula. However, it’s not that difficult to warm your baby’s bottle the old fashioned way: by placing it in a bowl of warm water for a minute or so.

3) Baby food processor

A baby food processor will blend food so that it’s easier for your baby to consume it. But do you know what else will blend food to make it easy for a baby to eat? A blender. If you have a blender, then there’s absolutely no reason to purchase a baby food processor.

4) Baby detergent

You’re going to end up doing laundry much more than usual once you have a baby, which means buying baby detergent is a little impractical as you’ll probably run out quickly. Just purchase regular detergent that doesn’t have any perfumes or dyes in it. This way, you can wash your baby clothes along with everything else.

5) Expensive baby bedding

You’ll want to spare no expense for the comfort of your baby. However, basic baby bedding will do just fine. In fact, wasting a lot of money on expensive bedding is just that — a waste. You can expect your baby to make all sorts of messes on that bedding on more than one occasion, after all.

6) Expensive baby clothes

Babies are going to drool, spit up, and get food all over the clothes they wear. Because of this, there’s really no reason to buy expensive baby clothes. Especially since they will outgrow them in a matter of months. If you just can’t resist, buy an outfit or two for special occasions or family pictures.

7) Changing table

Changing tables are not only expensive, they take up a lot of space. While you may make use of it at first, you’re going to find yourself changing your baby wherever they are when they need to be changed instead of taking them up to the nursery. If you really want a dedicated changing area, get a changing pad that can be attached to the top of a dresser.

8) Diaper bags

There’s nothing special about most diaper bags except that they cost more. Just use a regular bag that you like and carry your baby’s necessities in it.

All of the baby items that you do need can cost a pretty penny as it is. Avoid having to spend even more money by going without these eight baby items, the most of which are unnecessary at best, and completely pointless at worst.

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