ECE professionals have to deal with children and parents (who can sometimes be as unpredictable as their kids). Teachers are so important in the development and care of your child and sometimes a great preschool teacher gift is a way to give back and show them how much you care. Finding the right gift to show your appreciation can be hard. Our gift guide includes several thoughtful gifts you can bring the ECE professionals in your life:

  • Teaching supplies
  • Comfort gifts and treats
  • Gift baskets
  • Weekend getaways

Teaching supplies

Prechool Teacher Gift Ideas SuppliesMany people choose this route when they consider buying gifts for preschool teachers. Decorations, puzzles, classroom supplies, snacks, and even floral arrangements can be quite appreciated, but be conscientious. What kind of decorations are already in the classroom? It’s likely there will be a need for new supplies; but some teachers have designed their rooms a certain way, so it’s worth asking a few questions to get an idea what the teacher in your child’s life is interested in.

Comfort gifts and treats

Preschool Teacher Gifts Showing ECE Professionals Your Appreciation Comfort GiftsEverybody likes to be treated, and oftentimes a treat that doesn’t have something to do with the daily grind is most appreciated. Consider getting your child’s teacher a jar full of candy that has a gift card hidden inside. You might bring them some fresh fruit, or a new coffee mug. Find out what your teacher likes to do for fun and buy a small item related to any hobbies or interests they may have.

Teacher Gift baskets

Prechool Teacher Gift BasketA gift basket is a good way to take a comprehensive shot at gift ­giving. Coffees and teas, lotions, treats, teaching supplies, and gift cards can be presented in a beautiful and fun way. You may even have your little one present the gift to their teacher.

Weekend getaways

Prechool Teacher Gift Weekend GetawayEven the most passionate, loving preschool teachers need a weekend getaway now and again. I know this sounds extravagant but you don’t have to spring for a two week trip to Figi. Consider going in on a group gift with other parents in your child’s classroom and buying the teacher a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast somewhere. Even a weekend away allows your teacher to recharge and be at their best. Working in ECE can be difficult and rewarding simultaneously. If you haven’t let your child’s preschool or ECE teacher know how much you appreciate them recently, now’s a great time to show them you care!

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