For this edition of our Customer Spotlight, I sat down to chat with Brittany Paugh, director at Little Learners of Northwest Indiana. Like Karoline, Brittany has been a customer for nearly two years and has played an integral role in the evolution of the platform! Read on to see what she, her staff, and her parents think about and the impact it has had on her center.

What problems has helped you solve? has helped us solve a couple of key problems. First, it has helped span the “communication gap” for teachers between the morning and afternoon shifts. Secondly, it has helped us be able to better communicate with parents and keep them engaged—especially with those who use authorized pick-ups and are not able to pick up or drop off their children.

How do your parents feel about They are always VERY excited and frequently comment on how much they LOVE because it helps them feel more connected to their child throughout the day.

How do your teachers feel about They love the convenience of being able to do nearly all of their classroom “paperwork” in one app!

What’s your favorite thing about Honestly, I love the small business/family aspect. Caitlin and her team are very personable and down to earth. There is a sense of friends/family rather than a corporate business. In addition to making personal connections, they are easy to reach, and very quick to respond, if we have a question or problem. It also speaks volumes that they are so willing to work directly with our families!

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