Need a break from preschool shenanigans? For a light-hearted breather that can give you a much-needed laugh when you’re particularly stressed out, we recommend following these three hilarious preschool and ECE Twitter accounts. Funny preschool teacher memes and quotes can be just what you need to start your day off right!

Preschool Gems

Preschoolers tend to say some outlandishly hilarious things, and the Preschool Gems Twitter account is proof of this. As the account handle implies, there are some real gems here that will crack you up. Not only does Preschool Gems tweet some hilarious things that preschool kids say, but they retweet followers who share equally funny quotes and things their preschool students have said or done. The following are just a few funny quotes that Preschool Gems has tweeted out in the past.

More Funny Preschool Kid Quotes

  • “Hashtags aren’t good for your body.”
  • “We’re pretending we don’t have belly buttons because we’re witches.”
  • “I’m in my little chill house. It’s only for me to chill in.”
  • “A poem is a riddle you don’t have to answer.”

Bored Teachers

Bored Teachers is a popular Twitter account that regularly posts hilarious teacher-themed memes that every teacher can relate to. The following are a few examples of the funny preschool teacher memes and quotes that they regularly post.

More Funny Preschool Teacher Quotes

  • “When you realize school starts soon and you have to go back to being an adult again.” — over an image of a teacher staring out at the ocean.
  • “When life gives you lemons… bring them back to the store and exchange them for some more pencils. You’re a teacher, you don’t have the time to make lemonade!”
  • “I can’t decide if I want a large coffee, a bottle of wine, a double cheeseburger, a Netflix marathon, or a 5-hour nap — every teacher during summer break.”

Los Feliz Daycare

Unlike many of the preschool-themed Twitter accounts out there, Los Feliz Daycare doesn’t focus on cute and funny things that preschoolers say. In fact, it’s a political satire account for adults that uses a preschool setting to make their jokes a bit more biting (and funny). Sometimes, however, a slightly more adult-tinged joke that preschool teachers can relate to is exactly what you need. Just take the following Tweets as examples:

  • “Self-care is very important in times like these, so if your toddler chooses to stay home and garden or make small batch kimchi, that’s okay.”
  • “Please try to align your chakras before pick up!”

These are three of our favorite teacher or preschool-themed Twitter accounts. Give them a follow and escape to their tweets to brighten up your day when things are getting a bit challenging and stressful in the classroom. What accounts do you follow? Tell us in the comments!

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