When I talk with child care providers about MomentPath, some tell me they’re reluctant to have a phone, tablet, or mobile device in each classroom. What will parents think if they see a teacher using a tablet while kids are in the room? Will the staff be tempted to check their personal email or social media accounts?

I understand their concerns. I know that, especially with phones, the temptation is at times very difficult to ignore.

On the flip side, though, I’ve seen staff members who are so excited to have the privilege to use a tool like MomentPath (and not have to hand write 15 reports daily) that having a mobile device in the classroom isn’t a problem.

Here are some best practices that set you and your staff up for success.

Set expectations

Before sharing MomentPath with staff, write clear guidelines for using mobile devices in your classrooms (if you don’t already have something in place). Let your teachers know the expectations for using MomentPath on mobile devices, and the possible consequences of misusing the technology.

Get acquainted.

MomentPath works on any mobile device and in any web browser, so you can use it on your existing devices or computers. If you need to purchase additional devices, you can find an Android tablet for $50 or less. And if you’re concerned that your staff might not be tech savvy enough, we built MomentPath with each and every user in mind. The result is a user-friendly platform that anyone can use.

Lock it up.

If necessary, you can restrict these tablets so staff can access only apps necessary for work. One option is to remove anything that is not work-related. Another option is limiting a user’s access to a single app. This is called “screen pinning” on Android devices and “guided access” on iOS devices.

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