[Please note: I mean “burn” in the figurative sense. Your paper sheets are probably better off in
the recycling bin. ]

Do you have a love-hate relationship with paper daily sheets? The information they communicate is vital (how a kid’s day went, what she ate, her mood), but the way you share the information (on paper) is time consuming, outdated, and, well, kind of a drag.

Do you feel this way about paper daily sheets? Here are some signs that it’s time to burn recycle the paper daily sheets and introduce tend.ly to your center.

    1. Think about how many times a day your teachers write down diaper changes and potty breaks. Or nap start and end times. That’s a lot of time spent writing.
    2. You see all your hard work filling out paper daily sheets blowing around your parking lot like tumbleweeds in a western movie. Paper daily sheets are easy for parents to drop or leave behind as they get their kids out the door and into the car.
    3. You’re giving more and more space to filing cabinets full of papers documenting meals and attendance. Good record keeping is a necessary and important part of working in the care industry, but paper takes up a lot of space.
    4. Your teachers love to take photos and videos of the kids in their care…but then spend countless hours uploading pictures, sucking the joy from the experience. Your teachers spend a lot of time caring for and educating the kids in their care. Teachers are proud of their work, and parents love seeing how their children learn and grow each day. Shouldn’t it be quick and easy to share these moments?

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it may be time to get technology in your center. tend.ly can tackle all these problems and more.

Give me a call (317.650.1271) or send me an email, and we can get you on the road to freedom from paper daily sheets.