In our latest customer spotlight, Tiffany Cullers, director of Central Preschool, tells us how improves communication between parents and kids and simplifies paperwork for her and her staff. And shares how has simplified billing. Enjoy!


What do you like most about

Almost everything! I really like how it improves parent-child communication. Our parents can see their kids’ whole day and know what’s been going on. So at the end of the day, parents can actually talk with kids about their day. We have one family who goes through the pictures on together at bedtime so the parents and the child can see the pictures and videos and talk about their day.

How has helped your staff? really helps our teachers with shift change. The teachers have all the information in one place, so if they haven’t spent the whole day with a child, they still know what their day has been like. And for teachers who might not see their kids’ parents at the end of the day, all the information is there in, including any special notes or reminders they want to share with parents.

Also, tracking things like diaper changes are easier in Now they can mark those updates in real time versus doing it from memory later in the day when they have time to write it down.

How has made life easier for you as a director?

We bill hourly, and now we bill based on the hours a child is checked in on Before, we would go through tons of calendars and documentation to do our billing. Now I just export the attendance record from has also helped me keep an eye on ratios. I like how I can see how many kids are in a classroom and when they checked in and out from my dashboard.

What do your families think about

Parents like that they can easily share their pictures and videos from with their friends and family. And for prospective families, comes up often, especially with first-time parents. They’re worried about their kids, and they like that they’re automatically updated all day.


Thank you, Tiffany, for taking some time to talk with us!

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