We love our adult day service customers. They do incredibly important work caring for aging adults and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities. When we talk to existing and prospective adult day service customers, they frequently ask how tend.ly can simplify their processes so they can focus on what’s important—the people in their care.

tend.ly can simplify your business by:

  1. Ensuring continuity of care. tend.ly removes much of the guesswork from the transition between care center and home by centralizing all the information collected about a guest during their day. Your guest’s caregivers will see everything about the guest’s day— from meals to activities to mood. Having this information helps the caregivers know what to expect from their loved one after leaving your facility. You no longer need to worry about whether a paper sheet makes it home—tend.ly sends a daily summary email to family members after a guest checks out.
  2. Tracking guest attendance for reports. tend.ly collects your attendance numbers electronically, allowing you to run monthly reimbursement reports with a few clicks. You can also use this function to speed up your billing process and identify days of the week or times of year when you may be likely to have vacancies.
  3. Using the Inquiries feature to fill vacancies. tend.ly makes keeping track of prospective guests easy. With our Inquiries feature, you can collect and save the contact information of people interested in your center so you never lose a lead.
  4. Managing employee timekeeping. Your employees can check in and out of tend.ly, allowing you to get rid of time sheets. You can then use that data collected in tend.ly to run time-sheet reports for payroll.

Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from every care provider reading this blog? These are just a few ways tend.ly can help you run your business more efficiently without sacrificing your quality of care.

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