Our Mission

MomentPath connects caregivers and families through simple, easy-to-use software. We help caregivers feel more empowered and families feel more engaged. We do this by: Creating secure and stable software Providing our customers with friendly and unparalleled service and support Supporting our people to be their best at work and at home Giving back to our community

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Who We Are

Meet the team working every day to make MomentPath the best it can be.
Caitlin Coffman, Founder & CEO
Lady boss, mother of four, and movie quote extraordinaire.
Matt Coffman, COO
Genius coder, resident foodie and survives an office full of women by always wearing headphones.
Madison Beadles, Client Success Manager
Mother of Goldens (Fitz + Finn), talented entrepreneur, and she might be younger, but she's wiser than the rest of us.
Megan Catellier, Experience Designer
Navy veteran (aka: office security, Travel Enthusiast, and if it looks good - she did it.
Allison Duncan, Account Executive
Bourbon Aficianado, award-winning wardrobe and hair, and she's more hardcore than you are.
Susan Ingram, Account Executive
Office mom, reliable altruist and full of shenaniganery.
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