Lesson Planning
Lesson plan entry is simple. Build your lesson plans, share the learning activities with parents, and track those lessons and milestons to state and national standards.
Customizable for Every Need
Your needs aren't the same as everyone else's. With MomentPath, we work with you to make sure your teachers can capture information easily and return to caring for kids. Life and work are hard enough, your software should not be.
Capture Every Moment
Parents want to know and you want to share with them. Help your families never miss a moment with our easy to use moment maker. Everything from potty moments to educational milestones can be added with just a few taps.
Imagine a world where your classrooms are setup automatically and your parents are already familiar with the system year after year.

At MomentPath we make it easy. And easy is better.

Caitlin Coffman, CEO
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